Alvenius piping systems

Alvenius piping systems

Alvenius provides reliable and safe steel pipelines for fire protection in road tunnels. The pipework is designed to protect life and property in these highly demanding environments. Because Alvenius piping systems have been developed to meet the most stringent requirements of the marine environment, they are ideal for use in road tunnels where previously stainless steel was the only alternative.

Alvenius FlowMax® pipes are supplied in diameters from 89-508 mm and are available for both low and high pressure systems, with the standard range withstanding pressures up to 80 bar. For special applications, systems capable of withstanding pressures in excess of 100 bar can be supplied. Alvenius pipes are fitted with precision welded rings to maintain exact dimensions.

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Unrivaled durability Alvenius FlowMax® pipes are protected inside and out with CorroFlo® coating - a thermoplastic coating that is the best solution for this type of environment, where 100% functionality for decades is required. With CorroFlo® coating, the corrosion protection is second to none, as it is resistant to acidic and alkaline substances and various chemicals. Tests show that TP pipes meet the requirements of C5-M, the most severe corrosivity class approved for use in marine environments.

Independent tests show that the service life of FlowMax® pipes with CorroFlo® coating is at least 75 years. (Testing Institute - University of Stuttgart. MPA Stuttgart, Otto-Graf-Institut).

Always ready to work. Maximum reliability. Even if the fire extinguishing system is not used for a long time and contains corrosive water, no corrosion occurs. The system is therefore 100% ready to work when needed.

Alvenius FlowMax® pipes have a smooth interior, which prevents the accumulation of water. The outlet connections between all pipes are also self-draining.

Another advantage in these environments is that CorroFlo® coated pipes do not conduct electricity.

FlowMax® - low flow resistance High-quality steel and spiral welding enable the production of thin-wall pipes. Thin walls offer many advantages because they give a maximum inside diameter relative to the outside diameter:

  • Lower flow resistance due to the larger inside diameter - Possibility of using smaller pumps - or existing pumps at lower horsepower
  • Lower flow resistance may also allow a reduction in the number of pumps in the system

Fire protection of road tunnels with Alvenius pipe systems.


An effective surface coating greatly enhances performance. Especially in environments where corrosion can be a problem. That's why Alvenius' FlowMax® piping system is completely covered and coated with the highly effective CorroFlo® coating.

Additional coating solutions

No matter what media is being pumped through a piping system, a surface coating significantly improves its performance. Different situations and applications require a customized coating. Alvenius provides what you need!

For additional durability and abrasion and impact resistance, the outside of FlowMax® pipes can be coated with RocShield® = 500 µm LDPE on top of the CorroFlo® coating.

RocShield® creates a stronger, tougher surface with greater weather and chemical resistance, with many benefits:

  • Easier, safer handling of pipes with good adhesion because the structure (surface) is thicker
  • Very high resistance to abrasion and mechanical impact
  • Very high impact resistance

HDG Thanks to its highly resistant coating, HDG (hot-dip galvanizing) is ideal for pipes that are assembled and then disassembled. The deep protection makes HDG pipes more resistant to impacts and to wind and weather than untreated pipes. In addition, the zinc layer has the unique property of self-healing if the top layer is damaged.

Technical details

Alvenius FlowMax® piping systems include everything you need for all types of installations - pipes, fittings, valves, elbows, tees, transition pieces, threaded couplings, etc. We can also supply supply supply pipes in various sizes. This is a good example of special solutions that we can develop individually for each project.

  • Dimensions: 89 - 508 mm (DN80-DN500)
  • Lengths: 6000 mm
  • Pressure class SS-EN 13480
  • Steel quality: SSAB Domex 240 YPD-ALV, 420 MCD-ALV (Precision profiled rings for welding).
  • Surface coating: CorroFlo®
  • Fittings / fittings Complete system with pipes. Fittings, couplings, etc.
  • Weight savings: up to 40% compared to standard pipes.
  •  Installation time: Up to 10 times faster than using traditional methods.