Tyco® ESFR quick release sprinkler (RIS)

Introducing the Tyco® ESFR rapid deployment sprinkler (RIS)

ESFR-25 and ESFR-22 (early suppression, rapid response) models

Rapid Install sprinklers with a welded outlet fitting enable faster installation than ever with simple, tool-free hand tightening.

- Simple installation

Featuring a welded outlet fitting that allows installation faster than ever - no tools, tape or over-tightening.

- Pre-installed gasket

The pre-installed rubber gasket located in the sprinkler uses Tyco Rapid Seal technology, which creates a solid seal and eliminates the need for sealant.

- Tool-free hand tightening

They can be installed with simple hand tightening, without tools, requiring less overhead time.

UL listed and FM approved sprinklers.

For more details, please contact: instalacje@foamax.com.pl