The next edition of WILLIAMS XTREME 2024.

Ahead is the next edition of the Williams XTREME 2024 training course, which will be held at the TEEX Brayton Science Road training ground in Texas.

During the theoretical part, the best specialists in the field of security of large industrial facilities, refineries and fuel bases will share their knowledge and experience from the firefighting actions carried out. During the practical part, each Participant will be given an actual opportunity to learn the Williams Fire and Hazard Control extinguishing tactics (refined during 43 years of WFHC operations and proven in more than 250 firefighting actions). The effectiveness of these tactics is ensured by the synergy with the highest quality firefighting equipment and foam extinguishing agents developed by Williams Fire and Hazard Control.

We sincerely invite you to read the report on the previous training (Williams EXTREME 2023) posted at EXTREME2023

Anyone interested in participating and details of how to attend this year's event is welcome to contact: