Tests of the Tunnel Nozzle sprinkler system - TS-14

In the near future, the first tests of our Tunnel Nozzle sprinkler system installed in tunnel TS-14 along expressway S52 section Northern Krakow Bypass: Modlnica interchange - Kraków Mistrzejowice interchange (excluding interchanges) will take place. The system has been installed along the entire length of the tunnel and divided into zones of 50 meters in length.


System features:

• Dedicated to fire protection in tunnels, the Tunnel Nozzle sprinkler system is based on horizontal high-flow sprinklers.


• fully certified by the CNBOP and UL certification unit,


• comprehensive tests have confirmed the system's effectiveness in fires with a power of 100 MW and forced ventilation of 3 m/s. Effectively reduced the rate of heat release; even when activated at 28 MW, it lowered the rate of heat release below 10 MW within a few minutes. During tests, it was also confirmed that the system prevents the spread of fire to other objects located 5 meters away from the source of the fire.


• Electric activation of sprinkler sections with the possibility of valve operation in automatic and manual mode from the control panel located in the tunnel operator/supervisor's room,


• Effectively protects the tunnel structure and concrete/asphalt pavement,


• Full integration with fire detection and signaling systems based on sensor cables,


• Excellent visibility during operation enables safe evacuation and rescue operations in tunnels,


• Option to connect with a single supply pipe to the hydrant installation,


• Lower costs compared to other systems, as well as lower maintenance costs.


• Piping made of high-density steel coated internally and externally with a thermoplastic coating resistant to highly corrosive environments (corrosion category C-5M).

The declared service life of the piping under C-5M conditions is 50 years,


• The system has been tested for fires involving spills of flammable liquids,


• It effectively controls fires involving electric vehicles.


More information about the investment can be found in the article below.