Revolutionary Alvenius CorroFlo® Pipes available from FOAMAX!

Alvenius FlowMax® pipes are made of high-density steel coated inside and out with CorroFlo®.
Ideal for applications in acidic and chemically aggressive environments. Tests show that the CorroFlo® coating meets the requirements for the extremely demanding SS-EN ISO 12944 corrosion class, which applies to marine (C5-M) and underground (Im3) environments.

Independent tests show that CorroFlo® coated pipes offer a service life of more than 50 years. High-quality steel and spiral welding enable the production of thin-wall pipes. Thin walls offer many advantages because they give a maximum inside diameter, relative to the outside diameter:
- Lower flow resistance due to the larger inside diameter
- Ability to use smaller pumps or existing pumps at lower horsepower
- Lower flow resistance can also enable a reduction in the number of pumps in the system

Alvenius FlowMax® piping comes in diameters of 60-508 mm and is available for both low- and high-pressure systems. The standard range can withstand pressures up to 80 bar. For special applications, systems that can withstand more than 100 bar can be supplied.