BAZA 2016 Conference

On the 4th and 5th of October 2016 the BAZA 2016 Conference took place, which was dedicated to the topic of bases and industrial pipelines of crude oil and finished products. On the first day, until 16:00, there were theoretical classes with the participation of Foamax, the exclusive distributor of William's Fire & Hazard Control in Poland, and an employee of William's, where we could listen to lectures about

    Minimum requirements of regulations in practical application (fire protection), conducted by Ewen Duncan (William's Fire & Hazard Control/TYCO)
    Tactics for conducting firefighting operations at storage tank fires, oil spills, conducted by Ewen Duncan (William's Fire & Hazard Control/TYCO)
    Presentation of Williams Fire & Hazard Control technology for extinguishing hydrocarbon fires, led by Kamil Marjanek (Foamax)

After 4 p.m., there were hands-on demonstrations of high performance monitor, including

    Ambassador water and foam monitor
    DependaPower high performance fire pump
    DpendaPower SUB hydraulic pump.

The next day was another theoretical part where we could listen to lectures on new regulations and changing standards, EN 1568: 2017 Edition, ECHA/REACH implications for manufacturers and users, which were introduced to us by Thierry Moinet (TYCO).